Paint & FlamesCustom Paint & Flames & Modifications

Accentuate your ride with eye catching flames or subtle ghost flames.  Add a company logo to your car, truck, or bike to promote your business.   Personalize your car, bike, or boat with any idea you can imagine.   ANY image from anywhere like the internet, a magazine, a t-shirt, a photograph or a high-resolution picture is all that is needed to duplicate the image.

Vinyl or hand-painted pin striping adds a classic detail.  Decals and lettering, whether you choose vinyl or hand-painted, will add that extra flare especially if it complements the vintage of your car, truck, or bike.

Motorcycle saddlebags can be modified in many ways.  Consider illuminating the saddlebags  with a design to light up with brake lights and/or your running lights.  Spectacular at night!  See Facebook page for recent project. . . money bags.

Custom hand-painted art work is another fine way to set you apart from the crowd. Let’s see what Engraving by “Schlos” can do for you.  Call or email today!


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