Metal EngravingChrome & Aluminum Engraving

Chrome and aluminum are the most popular metals that customers choose to have engraved.   Engraving by “Schlos” uses a specially designed tool to engrave on chrome without removing any material. It will never peel, pit, pop or rust.  All work is smooth to the touch.  Chrome plated ABS plastic is not a problem.  Neither is stainless steel.  Computer laser technology IS NOT used – – it is free hand artwork.

This is not etching.  Etching metal uses a chemical process.

Aluminum surfaces whether polished or satin finish can be engraved and sandblasted too.

  • Air cleaners . . . . . Baby moons
  • Valve covers . . . . Master cylinder covers
  • Wheels . . . . . . . . Derby covers
  • Hoods . . . . . . . . . Points covers
  • Grills . . . . . . . . . . Primary cases


The artwork is engraved to highlight the image.  Sandblasting is applied to add depth.  This technique allows for a softer look and embellishes the detail.  All work is permanent. Wax and polish will not build up in the design.

Browse the gallery below for some of our engraving projects.  Actually, any idea you can think of can be done.    Of course, you may supply your own design or creation.  ANY image from anywhere like the internet, a magazine, a t-shirt, a photograph or a high-resolution picture is all that is needed to duplicate the image. The possibilities are limitless!


Chrome & Aluminum Engraving Gallery