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Engraving by “Schlos” will design and create that one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion.  Select an engraved keepsake that announces the birth of a new baby in the family.  You select the theme . . . animals, teddy bears, balloons, princesses, trucks, cars or whatever and it can be incorporated into the announcement like the one pictured at the right.  A fire engine announcing the birth of a baby boy.  The inches are above the door, the name and date and time are depicted in the fireman’s Maltese cross.  Adorable.

Another popular gift is a framed marriage announcement. Or commemorating special anniversaries like mom and dad’s 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.  Or birthday milestones – do you know someone turning 50?    Don’t forget Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day to express your love in a memorable way.

If it is mom’s favorite vase with roses or . . . dad’s golf clubs with his initials or . . .  sister’s family tree . . . let “Schlos” make it happen.

Call or email today to arrange for your engraved gift for your family and friends to treasure for many years to come.

Need more ideas – visit the Misc. Gallery and Cars, Bikes and Trucks Gallery.  ANY image from anywhere like the internet, a magazine, a t-shirt, a photograph or a high-resolution picture is all that is needed to duplicate the image.


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