Automotive Glass EngravingAutomotive Glass Engraving

Engraving by “Schlos” uses specially designed and retrofitted engraving tools that pose no problems with tempered glass.  When you touch the artwork it is smooth. No worry about being able to see out of the window . . . it is not opaque so the view is not altered.  Computer laser technology IS NOT used – – it is free hand artwork. 

The glass engraving process can consist of one or more of the following:

  • Engraving the design
  • Sandblast to add depth and softness
  • Color applied to accent the artwork.


If you are looking for an exclusive look for your vehicle call or email Engraving by “Schlos” and let’s discuss what we can do for you.  We can work within any budget.  In fact, some of my customers start with an idea and add to it year after year.  So as your imagination grows so can your theme for your ultimate driving machine.

Of course, you may supply your own design or creation.   ANY image from anywhere like the internet, a magazine, a t-shirt, a photograph or a high-resolution picture is all that is needed to duplicate the image.  etching etching etching etching etching etching window etching window etching window etching window etching etching window etching window etching window etching


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